SATB High School/College Age
Dr. Anton Armstrong, conductor & 
Dr. Therees Hibbard, clinician
St. Olaf College

AUDITION/APPLICATION WINDOW: August 30, 2019 through October 7, 2019 (must be submitted by 11:59 pm)



PARTICIPATION FEES: (if accepted) - $120

December 1, 2019: Audition deadline (must be submitted by 11:59 pm)
December 5, 2019: Notification of selection
December 14, 2019: Participation confirmation (forms/participation fees due)
December 16, 2019: Festival choir music/info mailed to participants

March 4, 2019: Joining Voices Festival Choir, rehearsals and performance

Questions regarding the festival choir can be directed to Dr. Lynda Laird, Joining Voices Festival Choir Coordinator at



The Joining Voices Festival Choir is open to high school/college age singers who will apply to participate in pairs. The festival choir will be conducted by Dr. Anton Armstrong, with integrated body singing sessions led by Dr. Therees Hibbard. Rehearsals will take place on Wednesday, March 4th and the choir will sing on the Marcus Center main stage during the conference opening night concert. March 4th is also Immersion Day: a day focused on working with singers who have a variety of specific needs, with special emphasis on creating meaningful connections between singers with varying abilities. ACDA member/directors are encouraged to seek out and submit applications for cross-ability pairs of singers, one of whom must be a singer who experiences challenges related to disability. We encourage singer partners who would like to sing with, and support family members and friends with a variety of physical, sensory, and cognitive challenges.


1) Go to the Joining Voices Festival Choir Application Form to submit your application form. Directors of singers who audition must be current ACDA members. ACDA member/directors may submit up to five singer pairs per organization. Priority will be given based on application submission date and applicants will be considered in the order they appear in the application. 
2) Application components include the name and age of each applicant as well as a video. 
3) Video instructions (you may pause and restart recording so that participants can be prepared for each segment of the recording)


With your singing partner, please record a video using your cell phone, iPad, or computer. The length of your video should be no more than 3 minutes. Please include the following: 

  • Tell us your names and ages.

  • Tell us about any choir experience you have had — be sure to include both singers.

  • Tell us something interesting about yourselves.

  • Tell us why you would like to be a part of the Joining Voices Festival Choir.

  • Either alone, or preferably together, sing approximately 60 seconds of something you enjoy singing. You can sing with or without accompaniment. This can be a folk song, a segment of a choral composition or arrangement, a favorite song from a musical, or even a pop song. Save your video using your ACDA Member/Director’s last name and the number your director assigned to your team.

Sponsoring teachers and students are responsible for adhering to the following digital ethics agreement.
1) Sound files may not be manipulated or enhanced in any way. Record in a traditional rehearsal space. The space should not
be too “live” (like a cathedral)  or too “dead” (like a carpeted  room with a low ceiling) to avoid the impression of an enhanced recording. If the recording is determined  to have been altered,  the student will not be eligible for participation. The ACDA Executive Committee’s decision will be final.
2) The sponsoring teacher must be in the room when the audition is recorded. If there are multiple teachers in a school/program, this may be delegated to a member of the team.

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for making housing reservations for their singers in the Central/NCACDA designated hotel. Hotel contact information will be included in acceptance letters. Accepted participants MUST stay in the designated hotel. The cost of meals and other expenses is the responsibility of each singer/family. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for all supervision when singers are not in rehearsal or performance. Commuting will not be permitted.


ACDA Honor Choir policy requires one parent or legal guardian to chaperone and be housed with his/her child in the same room. In the event that a parent or legal guardian is unable to attend the conference, the parent or legal guardian may appoint another adult to serve as chaperone and, upon the singer’s acceptance, must indicate this intent in the registration form. Collegiate students who are their own guardians are not included in this statement.

Deadline to apply extended to December 1

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