Conference Honor Choirs 

In addition to the Joining Voices Honor Choir, the Central-North Central ACDA Conference will host four honors choirs: a Elementary Honor Choir (Grades 5-6) conducted by Angela Broeker; a Middle Level Honor Choir (Grades 7-8) led by Tim Fredstrom and Carol Krueger, and High School SSAA and TTBB Honor Choirs, led by Glen Thomas Rideout and Jessica Napoles, respectively. All choirs will perform in the Marcus Center.

The Collegiate Repertoire Choir aims to introduce collegiate singers to excellent choral repertoire, to provide singers and conferees the opportunity to observe a master clinician in rehearsal of this repertoire, to encourage collegiate choristers to make contacts with established professionals and each other, and to encourage college students to participate in ACDA conventions early in their careers. The Collegiate Repertoire Choir is comprised of the college students that attend the conference. Music is complimentary.  The format allows an upbeat and energetic pace without the pressure and logistical concerns of performance. The Collegiate Repertoire Choir will meet onsite for several hours on Friday, and is directly preceded by a working lunch interest session tailored specifically for college students and new teachers. Lynne Gackle will work with collegiate ACDA attendees in the Collegiate Repertoire Choir.  *The CRC coordinator is Michael Gutierrez,

For students there are a limited number of reduced registration costs in exchange for helping with honor choirs, stage work, or logistic assistance. 

Directors may share this informational flyer with Honor Choir singer applicants.

Questions regarding honor choirs can be directed to Lynn Seidl, Honor Choir Coordinator (Elementary, Middle, High School SSAA, and High School TTBB) at

Immersion Day

Joining Voices Inclusive Festival Choir

The primary purpose of this experience is to provide and model an inclusive music-making opportunity wherein individual contributions are valued, musical growth is championed, and all members become partners in the choral experience. Participants (high school - college age; ages 13-24) will be chosen based on ACDA member nomination and singers are expected to register in cross-ability pairs who plan to participate in the ensemble together. One member of each pair must be a singer who experiences physical, sensory, or cognitive challenges. Directors may share this informational flyer with Festival Choir singer applicants.

High Five Choir

The High Five Choir is a blended choir of all abilities from both general and special education populations that come together through music building long-standing friendships, raising disability awareness and serving as agents of change for our school, community and world.  Interest sessions will take place at various points throughout the day. The focus of these sessions will be on working with individuals with disabilities who participate in inclusive choir settings. The day will culminate in performances by both the Joining Voices and High Five Choirs. 

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